Hello HAKO

A projection design sculpture & workshop


BARTKRESA studio wanted to create a sculpture that artists around the world could projection map as part of a socially distant projection arts festival. Bart Kresa envisioned a manipulated cube-shape as the simple foundation for a bright and lively character. Projection mapping transforms the cube into a dynamic art piece that shows a simple shape in new, inspired ways.


Hako is a Japanese word for a box that contains precious items. This kind of box came to Japan from China in 700 BCE, and stored Buddhist monks’ ceremonial objects. Over the millennia, hako became exclusive to royals, then those with social status. At one time, samurai stored their weapons in hako. Eventually, ordinary citizens gained hako for carrying rice, clothes, and valuables.

A pop-up projection mapping sculpture that you can build

BARTKRESA studio designed Hako for ease of construction and learning. Each participant will receive plans for building his or her own Hako, an invitation to participate in a free projection design workshop series taught by Bart Kresa, and a platform for sharing their HAKO with the world.

With Hako as the canvas, and remote projection design tools, BARTKRESA studio’s goal is to connect the world through light and art.

Technical specs

  • Dimensions: From 10” x 10” x 10” up to 8’ x 8’ x 8’
  • Projectors: 1-2
  • Camera
  • Internet Connection and Streaming Capabilities

Global exhibition

A new local icon

BARTKRESA studio’s kit includes plans for a Hako that is as large as 8-feet-cubed. Artists around the world will construct grand Hakos as temporary art pieces in parks, piazzas, and public spaces. Using remote cameras and a streaming platform, each team will share their Hako with the world. The blending of live projection mapping with streaming creates a safe and global shared art experience.

Miniature gallery

Space is not a requirement for creating a Hako sculpture. You can hold the smallest Hako constructions, which are about 10-inches-cubed, in your hands. A pico projector brings the petite Hako to life as part of a miniature projection design gallery.

Projection design workshops

Through Hako, we are celebrating and connecting the diverse global arts community. BARTKRESA studio invites accomplished artists with an interest in projection mapping to participate in a series of free remote workshops and a global exhibiton.

Bart Kresa will connect remotely with the selected artists, teaching an overview of projection design. The short series of workshops will discuss:

  1. History of the Design & Video Projection Mapping
  2. Bart Kresa’s Design Philosophy
  3. Template Building
  4. Designing & Animating for Projections
  5. Technical Preparation & Programming the Show

The result of the workshops will be a collection of Hakos that come to life around the world. All of the work will stream live, creating a virtual global festival.

This is the first time that BKS is offering a free program like this. Usually, access to Bart’s workshops are limited to small groups, and in-person attendance. Participants will be accepted based on experience, and we look forward to accomodating up to 100 artists.


+1 424 322 2202

P.O. Box 309 Skyforest
CA 92385